About Us

Chanzs Sdn. Bhd. started on 21st December 2011. Our main products are selling computer hardware, office equipment, electric equipment and accessories. Our main shop is in Bangsar Village, which selling mainly printers, ink, toner and accessories for cars or electronic devices. All our product that we selling come with reasonable warranty time period. After more than 5 years doing retail in Kuala Lumpur, we started our online store and giving our customers more convenient for restocking office equipment.

   Our online store not only selling computer hardware or office equipment, we also sell snack and furniture for decorations office. Throughout the years, we had noticed there are many people working at home. We selling the dream office equipment for customers for experiencing comfortable working at home. Any promotion or sale will be further notice and stay tune for more new products will be updates for everyone. Furthermore, we do services such as format, data recovery and etc. We do not have any checking fees and we also give customers best advice on any products or services. For more information please call 03-2282 3686 or visit us at;

Chanzs Sdn Bhd

LG 3B Bangsar Village,
No. 1, Jln Telawi Satu,
Bangsar Baru, 59100 K.L